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It’s Carlton’s Birthday

IMG 1794

It was Carly Simon’s birthday yesterday, or maybe today, possibly tomorrow. We’re not sure, so we celebrate all three days with parties, parades and liver-flavored cakes. We also call her Carlton. She’s ten and we’ve had her for 8.25 of those years.

Here’s a brief timeline of her life.


She started out as a show dog.


After her career, she shied from the spotlight and spent a lot of time lounging, recharging her batteries.


She enjoys standing on a wall watching things.

IMG 0631

She frequently hides behind things.


She’s into scenic walks as long as there are treats and drinks.

IMG 0410

If you give her a toy, she destroys it.


She’ll allow some people to share space with her on a chair.

IMG 1403

The driving lessons are coming a long just fine.

IMG 3174

She enjoys festive headgear and doesn’t find it all humiliating.

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At the end of a long day of lounging, she enjoys a hard-earned nap. And there you have it.

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