New Feature – Dogs on Bikes

When I started this blog in 1936, I sought to create a space where I could post photos of two of life’s greatest features: dogs and bicycles. So for years I posted images of dogs, images of bicycles and everyone once in a blue moon, a photo of dog with a bicycle in the background. In time, the blog grew stale, dare I say dull. The editors of Dogs and Bikes, in an all out pedal-to-the-metal push to stay in existence, came up with this brainchild:

What about dogs on bikes…or at least running along beside them?

And so, after refining this concept on several pints of fine Belgian beer, we present you the first nascent images of dogs on bikes. And I make you this promise. Wherever there’s a dog perched in a bicycle basket, tongue askew, or running alongside one within camera range, I’ll snap that photo and stick it up on this blog for the entire world to see, hopefully improving the lives of many and bringing tears to the eyes of several.

And if I ever find the holy grail of dog/bicycle combo blogs, I promise to hold out for top dollar. I am of course talking about the very rare, never photographed dog pedaling a bicycle.



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