In anticipation of the upcoming Summer Streets in NYC, another never before posted photo from the found archives. If you’re visiting NYC this weekend, get your hands on a bike and take a ride – there’s really no better way to see a nice stretch of the city sans cars. Probably un-posted since I cut […]

New Feature – Dogs on Bikes

When I started this blog in 1936, I sought to create a space where I could post photos of two of life’s greatest features: dogs and bicycles. So for years I posted images of dogs, images of bicycles and everyone once in a blue moon, a photo of dog with a bicycle in the background. […]

We don’t need no stinking bagses

Hate the owner, not the dog. After the first photo I held the camera on this dog’s master anticipating a clever caption showing how considerate NYC’s dog owners are. He never looked back. Guy on a bike riding against traffic with headphones on. Transportation alternatives, attempting to address boorish/ oblivious/ dangerous riding tactics has launched […]