Stubtail playing in the El Niño, La Niña, polar vortex, April, climate change is a liberal conspiracy, snow

This is the new dog, a 2 year-old English Springer Spaniel.


Springers Attack!


There is a Springer Shangri-La you can visit where English Springer Spaniels romp and play in great open fields like scaled down Appaloosa’s. I am reminded of the time I had a 300-gallon aquarium teeming with tropical fish. When you’d put your hand over the tank to feed them, they’d gather as one to gobble up the flaky food.

The usual, plus a butterfly on a horse chestnut in bloom

Great day for a ride with a basket-mounted dog. Two bicyclists rode past each with dog in basket – I shot, but the camera was asleep, and in the moment’s lag, they’d passed, caught in blur…about the third or fourth photo down the page. I didn’t chase them down.

I stopped to zoom in on a butterfly drinking the nectar of a flowering horse chestnut tree (warning, their nuts are not edible), when the last photo rode by.

On Park Avenue

A young woman chauffeurs a basket-ed pup on the first Summer Saturday of 2010. Lafayette and Park Avenues temporarily turn into a car-free thoroughfare from the Brooklyn Bridge to 72nd St. to Central Park.