The dog, the basket, and the red sneakers

I found a folder of photos from last year’s Summer Streets, three Saturdays in August each year when Park Avenue/Lafayette Street from the Brooklyn Bridge to 72nd Street is closed to cars. I get a kick out of the dog peering over the basket slightly cross-eyed, the big bell on the handlebars, the funky panniers, […]

Cyclotography and the Sony RX100

Taking photos from a bicycle presents challenges. You’re shooting a moving target while in motion yourself. In New York City, it’s perfectly legal for motorists to door, injure, cripple, or kill bicyclists, you have to pay attention. On top of that, I adhere to a kind of cycling code that treats bikes differently than cars […]

Dog in a shopping basket

More from Summer Streets this past Saturday. A rider expertly balances about 10 pounds of dog in a shopping basket on the right handlebar. You can always use a handlebar bag…

Dog, copilot

Goggles not only help to keep out road grit, but add style to any touring pooch’s ensemble. I love Summer Streets in New York City, three Saturdays in August when you can bike all the way from 72nd Street to the Brooklyn Bridge without dodging cars. Dogs everywhere: in handlebar bags, baskets, and trailers, or […]