The hamster wheel

I’ve been thinking about the loop in Central Park lately…how it’s just a big hamster wheel for us humans, our contraptions and our mostly canine companions. She was riding clockwise against the flow and you get the idea pretty quickly that the park loop is designed to go counterclockwise. The entrances all send you – […]

The history of dogs in bike baskets

Taken this afternoon in Central Park. Inspired perhaps by this famous Audrey Hepburn in 1959 or French cyclists of days long gone, an irresistible thought, “I shall put Fluffy in the basket and take him for a spin around the park today.” What is the oldest photo of a basket mounted dog? Who got the […]

Dog portage and Central Park randomness last Sunday

Two examples of dog portage:   Rounding up feral dogs on the green. You can see the victims of their attacks prone in the background, an underreported problem that the Central Park Security Committee wants to keep from you. Our photographer took this shot at great personal risk. Unaware – perhaps in defiance – of […]